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Wood is the most universal building material in the construction industry. Fence construction is no different, wood is used in most fence projects other than chain link and ornamental wrought iron. Even those two styles of fence may use wood elements.

Wood is easy to work with and shape. In addition it is a natural material that has a feel of warmth and comfort that man-made synthetics or metal just can not deliver. A quality cut of wood that has been shaped and worked by a craftsman is a work of art. Fences built with quality and attention to detail no long blend into the background they become a vital part of the landscape that delivers beauty and interest.

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Affordable, Quality Wood Fencing Styles - Commercial & Residential

There are too many styles of wood fence to list but here are some common styles request from residents of Humble both business and commercial.

Privacy Fence

In most suburban towns and cities such as Humble residential communities have an HOA which mandates the types and styles of fencing that is acceptable for that communities standards. By far a six foot privacy fence with dog eared pickets is the standard.

Split Rail Cedar Fence

If your looking for a rustic fence, then a cedar split rail is the #1 choice asked for farm, ranch, and residential owners in the Spring and Humble area.

Corral Fence

If you have horses then a corral fence is the standard. This is a post and rail wood fence and usually built as a three or a four rail fence.

Picket Fence

Not requested as much as in the past a typical white picket fence is a classic and will never go out of style. Now that most residential communities are required to meet the HOA guidelines you find less of front yard fences. It's actually a shame that every house looks the same as the other houses in a neighborhood. But you can always do things like stain and seal you Privacy Picket Fence.

Custom Wood Fence

If you are looking for a highly crafted wood fence that is a unique design then give us a call and ask us to work with you to design a custom fence to look just the way you want.

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