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Wire Mesh Fences

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Net Wire or Also Known as Field Fence Or Hog Fence

If you have a farm, ranch, or rural property near Humble you may have a need for an inexpensive fencing solution to contain pets and livestock animals. With the exception of horses field fence or hog fence can be used to contain a wide variety of animails. No-climb welded wire or woven mesh fence is designed to keep hooved animals from "stepping through" the fence and getting hung up or "walking down" the wire mesh fence.

Field fencing is usually installed with round wood post and optionally t-post for line post. Since this fence is pulled tight corner post and end post are larger and usually braced against another post in a "H-Brace" or "N-Brace" configuration, or a combination of the two. Wire ties and barbed fence staples are used to attach the mesh fencing to the line post. On the corner and end post a combination of fence staples and wraping the wire around the end post and tying the wire off to itself.

When properly gauged for the animals being contained and correctly installed wire mesh field fence is good for corralling cattle, sheep, pigs, dogs, goats, and other larger farm animals.

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Humble, TX