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Cedar Split-Rail Fences

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Rustic Cedar Fence / Split-Rail

We believe that quality starts with the materials for any construction project which are implemented with quality skilled workmanship. The mateial for a Split Rail fence of choice is Western Red Cedar wood in the Humble, TX area. In other areas we may suggest Black Locust lumber also.

Cedar is a naturally rot resistant and insect resistant wood. The cedar oils preserve the wood and ward away termites and other wood boring insects. These properties of cedar makes it an ideal building material for many outdoor building projects.

Split Cedar Rail

The post and rails of a cedar split-rail fence are not machined milled and thus have somewhat varing shapes. A cedar log is split rather than cut and thus this is the key aspect in the name and the look of this fencing style.

The cedar post are mortised to accepet a cedar rail that has a tenon. This type of rustic construction has been around for centuries. A properly installed fence will last until it rots away, torn down, or forest fire takes it out. Cedar in thin cuts will last up to 20 years - Split-Rail log fences can last 30 or more years. One of the key factor in getting the most out of any wood fence is proper drainage of water around the post. When setting the post concrete may or may not be used. If using concrete its a good idea to slope or round off the top of the concrete whether above ground or underground, otherwise water will pool around the post and accelrate the decay of the wood. If you do not use concrete tamping is required and all post should be re-tamped every couple of years. It is always a good idea to a layer of rock to each post hole about 2-3 inches deep to further help the water drain away.

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