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Old West Fence / Country Fencing - Humble, TX

Rustic fences can have a number of uses other than just looking old west or ranch looking. Rustic fences are great for defining borders, partition fences, special use, or pet containment.

Cedar wood and pressure treated pine are used so our fences last a very long time for you. If you have a farm, ranch, or a home in Humble, TX then give us a call and we will work with you to design a fence that meets your needs and delivers the character your looking for.

Split Rail Cedar

A rustic looking Cedar Split Rail fence is a low maintenance fence. Cedar wood is more than rot resistant it is also pest resistant. The cedar oils in the wood helps defy insect infestation. Cedar fencing is perfect for defining borders and beautifying property. Split rail has an Old West look or if you will a country feeling, what ever it is it does look fantastic on a rural property.

Doweled Lodgepole

Much like a split rail fence a Lodgepole fence is made of round poles and post that are pressure treated for long live expectancy. The rails come in 2, 3, or 4 rail and come in varying diameter of round post. This also is great for defining borders and containing livestock and other animals.

Standard Cedar Fence

Standard dog eared picket privacy fence is the cedar fence that is most often built in communities with a HOA. This fence is usually six foot tall with all the pickets tightly butted together for privacy. The pickets come in a 1x4 or a 1x6 stock. The 1x6 is by far the better and most often requested cedar picket fence. A rot board is an option to keep the pickets from getting wet and prematurely rotting out.

Driveway Entrances

We can build you a rustic gate that has That Texas Look & Feel to go with any of your rustic wood fences.


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