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Clogged Gutters, Leaking Gutters, Over Flowing Gutters?

The gutter system on your home in Humble is just like many homes in the area in this point, foundation problems are a real concern and maintenance issues are real. One of the biggest issues is that home owners do not maintain their gutters and keep them clean. When a gutter is left with leaves, dirt, and other debris a number of problems can arise.

Common Gutter Related Problems in Relation with Gutter Cleaning

Leaking Gutters

Debris being left in gutters for long extended periods of time causes caulking at the seams to break down and then followed by leaks. In addition the debris clogs the gutter causing it to overflow the front and back of the gutter. The fascia board rots and this can cause the fasteners to give way expediting failure.

Clogged Downspouts

Eventually the debris will dam up so badly that clearing the downspouts isn't really an option. The downspouts are better to be just replaced.

Foundation Damage

When the foundation gets too wet or too dry the the ground can shrink and contract causing damage to the foundation.

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