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We Fix or Replace Broken Gates in Humble, TX

One of the first signs of an aging fence is a sagging gate. Non-latching gates are the first signs of a gate that has begun to sag. The leveraged weight begins to weaken the framework of the gate to the point the outside lower corner drops bring the latching hardware out of alignment. This is the most common problem with gates that don't have a metal frame or metal corner bracing.

A sagging gate frame can be adjusted with simple corner bracing and diagonal bracing. We would rack the gate frame back to it's correct position use bracing on the corners where the outside frame meet, in addition adding diagonal bracing from the outside top to the lower inside corner will transfer the weight to the post and reducing the overall bearing weight.

Gate Hinges Failing

Beyond a poorly built gate frame as described above the next failure point in a gate are the hinges. Gate hinges are often under sized to carry the weight of a gate. We suggest strap hinges or even better, J-Bolt hinges. If the hinges fail it is usually best to just remove and replace the hinges with stronger strap or J-Bolt hinges to correct the sagging gate that won't close or open.

Gate Post

A less common problem but is still a problem far a gate that won't work is gate post ( Usually the Hinge Post ) that are not properly installed. Gate post should be at least 30" - 36" deep depending on the weight of the gate, and even deeper if the gate is wider than 48". With larger and wider gates we also suggest that the gate post be increased to a 4x6 or 6x6 stock of lumber. One other consideration other than size of lumber and the depth of the post hole is the circumference of the post hole and how much concrete is used. Just like Texas - Bigger Lumber, Wider Post Holes, Deeper Set Post, and More concrete is always better.

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