Humble, TX Cedar Fence

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Premium Cedar Fence Last Longer

If you own a home in Humble, TX you most likely have a privacy fence in the backyard and your home is 10-20 years old and the fence need to be replaced. The other scenarios are that you are having a home built in a new area and need a new fence, or your builder did a shabby job and you already need to replace a poorly built fence.

What ever situation you find yourself in HQF can build a quality long lasting cedar fence that has 3 rails, rot board, and post that are fully concreted into the ground. We use quality select cuts of wood, best practices when it comes to construction methods, and always use galvanized or stainless steel fasteners.

Quality Cedar Picket Fencing

Most privacy fences are between six foot tall and six foot six inches tall. The difference is usually in the addition of a pressure treated rot board that keeps the bottom of the picket up off the ground so they don't rot.

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Humble, TX